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Effects of Parental Alienation - WHAT IS PARENTAL ALIENATION?

There are many great articles and books written by some fantastic minds about Parental Alienation. I recently published a blog post that explained in great detail what parental alienation is. You can read the full post here; WHAT IS PARENTAL ALIENATION.


Divorce Advice from a 6-Year Old Goes Viral - If you are on Facebook, chance are you have seen the YouTube video of the 6-year old giving divorce advice to her Mom.

We at Innocent Dads hope that you and your family have a happy, safe and joyous holiday season. We especially hope that ALL Dads get to experience the joy and happiness with their own children!

Christmas with Dad


Falsely Accused Fathers - There's a viral wave of bright orange and yellow profile pictures sweeping across Facebook right now.  Women post the orange version to indicate that they have personally been victims of sexual abuse. Those who post the yellow signal, know someone who has been a victim.

We at purpose this balanced image, for those Fathers who have been falsely accused or abused by our family court system!

_________ - - Guilty Until Proven Innocent!Purpose: To inform Dads who have been falsely accused by their ex-spouses, of what options they have, what works, what does not work, and the difficult struggle they are about to partake.

I and many other Dads have gone through this terrible struggle and we do not want ANY person to walk in our paths. This site will take you through my journey and many others just like myself. Yes, there are other sites that also will help you. They are located in the "Sources" area.

For those Dads who have been Falsely Accused and are about to take the Abel Assessment, be very careful and read this page!


Parental Alienation Awareness Organization - PAAO

Dr. Phil - Parental Alienation
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National Congress for Fathers & Children of New Hampshire - Give Me Back My Daddy! -

SUPPORT? explores the fundamental flaws in America’s Family Courts regarding the Divorce and Child Support System. The film explores the problems through over 38 interviews with both custodial and non-custodial parents and the attorneys, judges and county employees on both sides of the paradigm.

American Coalition for Fathers and Children  -
National Family Law Reform Conference

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