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  • Distinguishing Between True And False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse In Divorce Cases: Responding To Criminal Charges. The vast majority of child abuse allegations in divorce and custody proceedings are untrue (96% - Underwager). This 147-page document, prepared by noted attorney Charles Bridges of St. Louis, describes in detail the legal principles, citations, and methodology for revealing false allegations and defending you. Transcripts from a winning case are discussed in detail. This document is a must for any trial attorney who is inexperienced in handling this style of case. Those who live in outlying areas, where it is impossible to find an attorney who knows how to handle this kind of case, should give this to your attorney right away so he can do his homework!
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  • Mary D., Petitioner v. HONORABLE CLARENCE WATT JUDGE OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF PUTNAM COUNTY AND GEORGE D., RESPONDENTS, [190 W. Va. 34, ; 438 S.E. 2nd 521; 1992 W. Va. LEXIS 76]. In a candid dissenting opinion, Supreme Court Justice Workman wrote: "We now have a system in which a female parent need only scream child abuse in a loud voice to keep the male parent from seeing a child. Indeed, sexual abuse these days seems to arouse all the hysteria that was associated with witchcraft in yesteryear. In fact, it has even spawned a witch-huntingesque cottage industry, to-wit badly trained, ideological rape trauma experts, rape counselors, bachelor level pseudo-psychologists, social activists, and other assorted species of Jacklegs. I am a firm believer that the best interests of the child are paramount, but that does not mean never allowing a father to see his children when the evidence preponderates on his behalf even though, like an accused witch, he cannot clear himself beyond any shadow of a doubt. Continuous yelling and screaming of an accusation does not make that accusation any more true."
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  • In Re Marriage of Damico, [CA S033148-OP-5/9/94] [1994.CA.247 (]. Estoppel defense to support collections where mother kidnaps children, conceals them from father, and later attempts to collect support for the period of concealment.
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  • Kajtazi v. Kajtazi, United States District Court, Eastern District New York., 488 F. Supp. 15 [August 29, 1978]. - Federal court awarded damages for custodial interference and kidnapping.
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  • Pankratz v. Willis, 744 P.2d 1182 [Arizona, 1987], $125,000 damages were awarded to father for intentional infliction of emotional distress resulting from parental kidnapping of children by wife, supported by her parents.
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  • Custody, Kidnapping, and Moveaways.: Back To Top

  • The Constitutional Right to Be A Parent, compiled by Stuart A. Miller, American Fathers Coalition.
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  • Justis, Et. Al; Ohio SupCt No. 97-17, April 1, 1998 [1998.OH.89]. Pursuant to UCCJA, PKPA, and the Full Faith and Credit Act, mother permitted to move to another state may be charged with parental kidnapping if she fails to return the child to Ohio for court ordered visitation with noncustodial father, particularly where mother falsely charged father with child sexual abuse, and may have abused the child herself.
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  • Burgess v. Burgess, The infamous decision permitting a joint custodial mother to move out of state.
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  • Franz, et. al. 707 F2d 582, 1993. Wisconsin protective laws may not be used to hide a child.
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