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2 out of my 3 step-daughters claimed to their father that I inappropriately touched them after my wife found evidence that the two were vaping, and the youngest was sending half-naked pictures to males through Snapchat.  She was disciplined and we took the evidence to their father.  While we were there, the two told him that they knew they weren't supposed to have Social Media and that it wasn't them, and he believed them.

The next week, I have police and their father outside my door while I was at work and was told over the phone that I was accused of inappropriately touching the oldest and youngest girls.  The middle child told us what was happening and what happened over the weekend at a party between the oldest and youngest before they went to talk to their dad.  She also told us that the youngest girl had been bullying my son when my wife and I weren't around and told him that if he told us, she would kick his ass.  We asked him and he told us what had happened.  I took a polygraph test focused on the allegations from the two girls, with a "no deception" rating and handed that over the the detective and CPS.  The police have not contacted me since their "book and release" last year, but CPS "confirmed" that I inappropriately touched the two girls based solely on their interview.  The CPS investigator even admitted in court that she did not look at all of the documents we gave her.  Now we were told to agree that there was "no findings" and that I would have to take the Psychosexual Evaluation, see a therapist to get "educated" on sexual abuse (not have to admit any wrong doing), and now go to parenting classes.  The CPS investigator also said that all the things that were done to my son were only "child's play."

During all of this, my wife gave full legal and physical custody of the girls to their father because the two girls have always wanted to live only with their father.  As soon as they got the TRO on me, their father filed for child support and asked the judge to have my wife pay $500/mo for the 3 girls.


Starting this year 2018 on New Year's eve police were called to my home in response to a call made by a neighbor about a suicide jump from a bedroom window.  This was due to my wife who was crawling out the window because of being mentally unstable while under the influence of alcohol. The police arrived and knocked on the door in which my wife went outside to talk to them.  She gave them information based on an argument we had that morning. 

I was questioned about this situation and gave my details as I know to be a fact.  I was drinking that night but not drunk.  I did not have slurred speech and was very coherent.  My wife told them enough for them to arrest me under spousal abuse and battery. 

They are claiming I strangled my wife to injure her in the throat and neck.  The police did not look further in the home for evidence but only asked if I had any weapons which they took my locked up handgun. 

The incident that happened on that morning was as follows, I was just waking up and she was making coffee.  She talked to me about the father of her kids and something that made me snarl at her with disapproval.  It got heated in the words and I called her a stupid B.  She walked over to me and poured hot coffee on my head.  It hurt to lean forward due to major back pain I had been treated for recently but came to my feet with anger and pushed her back against the door.  After holding her there for a few seconds I realized she was not going to attack me any further.   She said "I'm not afraid of you."  I let her go and walked out of the room. Went outside and called my dad to what had happened.

The incident caused me to go to jail and stayed there for 5 days, away from my 4 month yr old 1st daughter.  I was then called in for an arraignment which the judge decided a restraining order against me from my wife and children (also 3 step-children).  I was not allowed to speak to my wife and not to see the kids. 

I looked and looked for a reputable attorney and found one that doesn't shut his mouth.... that should have been the RED FLAG!  He didn't promised me he would win, because they are not allowed to do that.  Instead his took advantage of my emotional distress and Coerced me into a wrongful plea.  I received a misdemeanor DV and was never discussed the evidence by my attorney. 

The attorney never went over the DA's evidence nor shared a police report with me.  He told me things would be alright with my job and I would be able to get back into my home.  What a crap that was.  I am innocent I told him.  "It doesn't matter, it's the way it looks" he says.  My attorney is fraud and he is a crook working with the North county San Diego Courts as I find he doesn't win cases.  He just settles or makes deals.

Fathers out there, just stay vigilant and stand your ground if you are innocent.  I'm finding out now this would have been an easy trial to win.  Who knew with a crooked attorney. - Paul F.

In 1987 I was falsely accused and convicted of molesting my 4yr old daughter. Spent 22yr's in prison and am now on parole for the rest of my life. As a part of my so-called counselling I am being forced to undergo a Able,s test shortly. Which of course, I am very apprehensive about.

The biggest problem I've encountered is extreme bias against this type of allegation. No one believes you when you claim innocence. My trial was a joke. Three bias jurors sat on my panel, placed by both the court and my attorney. All of my appeals were denied. The Supreme Court refused to even hear my appeal, basically laughed at me.

Naturally, there's a lot more to my story. Which I will not share currently because I feel it will not do any good and is a waste of my time because no one has listened to me thus far and is willing to offer any help. However, if any one wants to hear my full story and can offer any help. I can be contacted at - Randall C.



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My husband and I raised his daughter from 3 on. Her mother was in her life but only when it was convenient for her. She used and manipulated her daughter from 3 on. I have 3 of my own kids that my husband and I raised, two girls and a boy.

When his daughter turned 18 she moved out to be with her mom. 3 months later she accused my husband of rape. My husband never laid a hand on her and we were shocked and hurt. My husband was arrested with no proof and I was able to bail him out. 2 years later we finally had our day in court and his daughter was caught in lie after lie and the jury still found him guilty.

My husband now sits in jail waiting his sentencing while she is free to lie and slander his name. There was no evidence and everything she claimed we were able to proof her wrong. The jury made a decision based on a conversation that was taken out of context and recorded with out my husbands permission. The conversation never once did he admit to anything he actually denied any accusations she made.

My kids are heartbroken at losing their dad and I just want my husband home. We have tried and tried to fight this and because of the accusations and the media we are consider guilty with no proof. For 15 years my husband's ex wife has tried to ruin us and she finally got her way. She destroyed a whole family and my husband's daughter has no idea the damage she is doing to everyone. - E.Thompson

I have been married for 11 years with 3 children. We are in the process of divorcing via a mediator.

After the wife  decided we are going to split, she informed me that she had "seen red flags" with one of our daughters, and asked her some questions. I was then accused of a criminal act. nothing happened until I showed her what the estimated support and alimony would be. She then spoke to her therapist and was told to call CPS. This was done, an investigation ensued. None of the children said I did anything.

The case is coming back unfounded. The wife wants be to agree to supervised visitation with the girls, for a period of 10 years. I refused. Now she apparently has a video of my daughter saying that I did something, recorded within the last week. I already retained a criminal attorney. But I don't know what to do about visitation.

I assume that even though the police and State will take no action, would a judge simply listen to whatever video my wife has, and then be subjected to supervised visitation anyway? Or even worse? I have gone through my savings and cannot afford another attorney. Is there anyone out there who could give me some advice, if any?

I did 5 and a half years jail for a crime I didnt, and would never, commit. My new wife and I have just had our newborn baby girl with serious physical medical issues taken away by the authorities in Australia and I don't know how I can survive this. I can freely tell the story of my criminal convictions because I know I am innocent and will go to my grave with a clear conscience. ... A Broken Man

I have been married for 5 years. My wife recently filed for divorce but i have found out a number of things recently about her. She was married 2 times before me, I only knew about one.

Last December I helped her get her green card and since she got the green card she started acted very strangely. I tried to save the marriage but realized after a month or two there was nothing i could and I think she only wanted to get married to get her green card which I also paid for.  I have one child with her and also a step child that I have treated like my own and even calls me DAD.  I have always took very good of my family, work 50+ hours a week and never did anything wrong to her or them.  Now she is making up lies about me and trying to destroy my life. She gave a false injunction to get a restraining order, making up that I beat her and threatened her even though no police were ever called and no marks are on her. She also signed a new lease behind my back to get me out my condo.  

Please advise I need help and in a really bad situation.   I am only able to see my child once a week for one hour under supervised watch.     This is my first marriage and i have a clean criminal record. If you can give me any kind of advise or help it would be greatly appreciated.  Jiri Jira- 239-200-6717

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