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I am a 30 year old father. I believe my son was raped and physically abused at the age of 2. He is now 3 years old I cannot see my child due to his mother placing restraining order on me. I man I worked overnight security with got too close and started having casual encounters with my former wife. Me discovering his hat in my apartment realized it was his because he always wore a blue hat. I came home from a late night at work happy to go home to my child because he is always happy to see me. Little did I know I would walk into the home seeing my son walking oddly.

I questioned my wife as to who has been in the home she would deny it and when I told her to get him a check up she would find ways to push off getting him checked. So I would call 1800-4-kids they told me to file a report in which I did.

About a week out I called to check to see if they would send someone out to help they did not do that and claimed they didn't have enough evidence to do give him an examination. So I would then call Aware Inc. They hired a counselor for me who spent about 4 weeks on the case. This is all after my wife and I got into a big fight and I was thrown in jail for Christmas weekend. After the Aware representative did some studies and talk to my wife and I separately I wouldn't speak to the counselor again until about 3 weeks later. I asked if she ever got him tested she replied the same that they did not have enough evidence to give him a test.

This is poorly managed and not fair.


I'm broke....
I've spent over $250k defending myself against so many lies from my ex, 14 CPS accusations, all unsubstantiated, etc...
A few weeks ago, the PA situation got so bad, one of my 12 year old twin sons testified he "fears" me. I desperately need a lawyer who will help me on a pro bono basis. I'm in Louisville KY, if you can offer contact info for any lawyers, that would be most appreciated. Keep up the great work!


Hi my name is Damien and around all this I think it was 2005 I was accused of sexual battery and child abuse but on that day that my stepdaughter was taken to the hospital to get checked before this happened it was my turn to take care of my step kids. When they got too youngest one which is a female I noticed a couple scratches and a piece of glass and rock in the diaper so I decided to have her check then I took it to the hospital and the hospital decided to call the police which is Orange County Sheriff.

A detective by the first name of Kevin showed up took me to interrogation ask me questions and then arrested me because he said and claims that I admitted to the crime when the audio tape says all different things that I had nothing to do with it and the same detective is known for lying and fabricating cases and that's how I found out that I can beat my case and have it overturned. The state of Florida it won't help you they kept on denying my case because it was late but yes I was accused of hurting this child.

I was sentences 15 years for the attempt of sexual battery and then 10 years for the child abuse I'll crime that I did not commit. I have lost everything it's hard for me to get a job it's hard for people to trust me and now I have a miserable life and I need help I have the arguments and the facts against the detective that's known for fabricated and lying against me.


Everything was going well until I file for joint custody about four years ago my ex told the court that I am properly kiss my daughter so from that they gave me zero contact my support went from 700 to $967 a month mandatory no police report no doctor's report no nothing just her saying that because she knew if she said that I wouldn't be able to have joint custody because I am career-driven no record no nothing

Earl J

Please, pardon my English, especially when I'm so emotionally upset. My son in jail in San Diego county jail San Diego because if his wife.

 I asked San Diego PD to carefully into at the fraud that defines my son's care case. The fraud of my son's Taiwanese citizen wife, permanent resident now, to defraud the US Government to obtain citizenship via marriage :'A foreign national defrauds a U.S. citizen who believes the marriage is legitimate, se ICE)  .My son was US Citizen when they met and later on married . Most awful part of it that my son and their daughters (8 years apart) were bargain chip, the collateral damage for her.

My son's wife student visa expired in 2013, so she had to return to Taiwan, only to come back on fianc'e visa. Whatever she told my son, convincing him to marry her. She always was open she hates Taiwan. Plus she got pregnant no one knew and unmarried (read below) so by Asian tradition no one , no Asian man, will marry her , if she had to return to Twain, regardless her parent's money

 I reported her to ICE after my ex husband sent to me an email
From: < >Monday, January 6, 2020, 07:25:17 PM CST I remember suggesting some things to her about how to stay in the USA, one of which was saying she could marry (my son). But I do not remember helping with any immigration paperwork'J-s

On Monday, January 6, 2020, 05:14:43 AM CST, < > (Myself) wrote (asked  J-s):
Just tell me if you remember helping (my son's wife) with some emigration documents when they were living (here in IL).
 As well : From: < >J-s To: Mtself< > Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2019, 05:25:50 PM CST

Yes, I understand that (your son's wife) is behind turning him into the police. That would also explain why she doesn't want to talk to you. Obviously there have been problems between the two of them and this is how she sees getting rid of him AND keeping him from seeing his daughters''
NCADRC website have said 'once charges are brought against (that) parent based on these false claims, not only have they lost the right to see their children, but they are risking spending the rest of their life in prison'. It's exactly I was told my son is facing 15 to Life. as I was told. 'Many innocent people whose lives were ruined' after Mc Martin and following Hysteria all over the US in 80s. I hope that my son and other faithful devoted fathers will not become the victims.

The PD was assigned to my son like 8 days after he was detained on December 11th, 2019and you know how Public defenders are generally overworked and underpaid she did nothing since she was assigned..

My son's still think his wife the nurse by her education, RN I believe, just got crazy that day, on December 11,the day of his arrest but from what I'm learning from him, I'm convicted, she planned it all along, callously calculating her accusations. She could not keep jobs in San Diego as a nurse, changing hospitals and medical offices, like 3 times since the summer of 2019 when they moved from SC to CA. She got her last and recent job as a visiting nurse like in the beginning of December. My son told me that she is just 'bad with people', but I believe she was changing jobs as she was doing research on work computers, and changed jobs not to be traces.

And if indeed she 'got crazy', it exactly like Judy Johnson, who was diagnosed with and hospitalized for acute paranoid schizophrenia. Since I met (my son's wife, that just a classmate) in August of 2007 I saw an evil in her. My premonitions were not off my first impression of her. Now it came to the logical end, my son's wife discarded him as a garbage as her way to US Citizenship is open and no sharing a custody, and other perks she may have.

When I learned on late night hours of December 14 my son is in Jail in San Diego County, I knew something bad happened to my son, and his for three years has something to do with that. On December 15 when my son was able to reach me, and told me what I always was fear all these 12 years he met his that classmate in August 2007 she would harmed him. At least I was happy she did not kill him. Since they left IL I always was worried I will get a deadly phone call from the police he is dead, she killed him, just like I saw on some crime stories on TV

 As soon as I was investigating a mysterious call on Dec 14, 8 PM CT, thought to be a hoax initially, from some Chula Vista, my mother's heart just sunk when I saw it was in the proximity of San Diego. I immediately called my son's wife, she pick up the phone on my third attempt, I believe. She just told me, with calm voice, she cannot talk (to me) she is 'with kids' but will 'call you tomorrow'. She never did. The fact she never bother to tell me my son was arrested to begin with. I have not talk to her since May 2014, blocking finally her phone number after constant abusive messages she sent to me in beginning of January 2014. I still have most of her messages 2012-2014 on my old cell phone I kept for just the reason if my son will have to fight for the custody of his daughter, than only the oldest. Though texts till January 2014 was nice, no any confrontations, friendly, and then,  in January 2017, the evil got unleashed. I was asking my son back that, in January-May 2014 to stop my son's wife to verbally abuse me via txt, and he said in his text, that he cannot control what she was saying.

I believe Scarlet call calculated all. She counted on, when she reported him to the police that we will not able to afford a private lawyer who may launch/hire a private investigator who speak Chinese Mandarin language, checking her American coworkers, which she was called 'bitches', it what she was telling my son. She counted also this will be a difficult story to plead to you as there so many abused children in the world and people tend to believe a person charged with this crime is guilty until proven innocent. She just could make herself a buttered wife. Why put the daughters to such awful experience, which would be traumatize her for the rest of her life? Maybe she may always hate my son's oldest daughter to 'ruing' her live. Maybe that is why she did not do any accusation about his doing something to his youngest daughter. Plus my son's oldest daughter was born with double e cleft pallet, and youngest had no birth defects.

She calculated as a nurse the sodomy, as it harder to prove, when lost of virginity is more obvious.

My son and my son's wife met literally the first day at a private University twelve years ago, in 2007, but married only after 7 years being together. My son said he thought their relationship will be better if they get married. It was a troubled relationship to start with. Enough to say she got pregnant no one knew. I thought my son did not know too, but last week he finally confessed to me the learned she was not only pregnant but in labor. Her waters broke off when they were staying overnight here, at my house. She told my son that is alright to fly to Boston in the he morning to visit her brother from Taiwan who was starting prep school there. Furthermore, my son's wife convinced my son do not to tell me she is pregnant and in labor so I will not call for ambulance.
Likewise, I believe she really did not know how off she was. My son's oldest daughter was born premature. I believe she was trying to abort herself, hoping the fetus will not survive, but my son's oldest daughter did survive. The out of wedlock when she was just 20, made her parents mad, as she not is no good by Asian traditions. Her mother was so vicious toward me and my son when we met at the children's hospital here, as soon as my son's oldest daughter was transported from Boston. Her mother was so mad, saying 'Asian woman knows when she got pregnant'. Not married, out of wedlock child from non Asian man, which is unspeakable shame in Taiwan, as I was told by many.

I remember I told me her grandfather did not know he become great grandfather. Maybe her mother told me, or my son's wife herself. He relatives in Texas did not know ether. She has a cousin visiting her from Texas, and I was babysitting, like in October, November I shell have some pictures from that time, as her and my son went out and I was told the cousin have no idea Scarlet has a child.

Also, my son's wife got pregnant after my son and I went to homeland in 2009, after his grandfather and uncle died, my brother and father, who were medical doctors. My son visited his childhood love, living there, too. I really was hoping after meeting with his childhood love he will forget my son's that GF, seeing his childhood friend he was so close too

My son barely was 20. He did not walk away from his daughter; especially she was born with double cleft pallet. I was so proud of him, as his own biological father left him never turning back when he was 5 years old. After I learned they got married my heart just stopped. I knew nothing good it will grow from it. Moreover my son told me, from jail, as soon as they got married they discussed divorce and custody ever since. All this years I told my son that is wrong how she is treating me in such antagonistic , that is not right and it will not end good, I told him she hates me she hates you. She will hate your daughters who are 25% of my blood. He conformed she said that, true, it but for him it was funny somewhat for him.

I have never seen my second granddaughter, and have not seen my oldest one since she was 3. My son's wife had forbidden my son to allow me seen my granddaughters. I told him it was not right, and one day he will be sorry it happened. Now he has to pay for it too.

 My son had an American dream to be a medical doctor, it never happened. But it was not his American dream to end up in jail.

What is so scaring to me, my son, it seems after talking briefly to public defender he was starting to tell some about taking a plea. I told him, no way, you are not taking a plea. As after you plea, only because you want to be freed, no one will able to help you, like some innocence projects.

As well, one of my Ukrainian girlfriends here was just asking me why she, my son's wife, is wanting to raise their two girl by herself? I told her, she, may not: her parents will come here in America to help her, and as soon as she gets her citizenship she will apply for the family reunion and they permanently move to US.

L.Bray -

In 2012 I was accused by my ex wife of having sex with my sons 15 year old girlfriend a 3rd degree felony unlawful sex with a minor. My attorney told me to take a plea. He said I wouldn't have to do jail time, I wouldn't have to register as a sex offender but I may have to be on probation. They would drop it to a class A misdomener attempted unlawful sex with a minor.

I had no more money to fight it. So I took the plea. I did 60 days in jail, I'm on the sex offender registry for life, did 2 years probation, I had to complete a sex offender program. They had me take a lie detector test and I passed and also completed the program, and I lost my son to the that same ex.

His mother had killed herself in 2009 but they gave him to her anyway, she also got a perminant restraining order against me so I can never see my son again. I've have just learned to live with it.

A year ago the same ex said I was having sex with an 8 month old and a 7 year old in 2010. In April 2019 they arrested me on 3) 1st degree aggravated sexual activity with a child.

I spent a week in jail in Idaho where I have lived since 2014 and then extradited me to Utah were I spent another 5 weeks in jail. I'm out on $100,000 bail. I had to get special permission to live at home in Idaho with my step son and wife. My attorney had me take a lie detector and an eyedetect test I passed them both.

Right now they want me to do life without parole. My attorney is trying to get some form 11 or something where the judge has to go with what my attorney and the prosecuter agree on. He said they would drop it to 3) 2nd degree felonys. I would be a sex offender for life and on probation for life. He said that's better than life without parol.

Why should I plead guilty to something I didn't do again. I had my Military Psyciatrist suggested I take a plethysmograph to help prove I'm inocent. I have been trying to find a place to take it. I just don't know what to do. I'm scared.

Terry A.

My children were taken by a woman named ***** for reasons that I can only speculate about going as far back as 14 yrs ago. On 2/1/19 my daughter was set in front of a magistrate, without myself or my wife being made aware, and her testimony held baring in decisions that were made that day SUPPOSEDLY in her best interest.

I have gotten to see my daughter 1 time a week, for 2 hours at a time, while inside of a recorded room, when I had her 50% of the time as an INMATE. I'm sick with fear of losing her and outraged that public service workers essentially kidnapped (took without permission). My daughter is only 18 months mind you. They put them in in an official hearing without having to at least NOTIFY the birth parents, and then gave me a list of demands they want from me if I want to get her back. I was given life on 8/07/17 and I'm not ready to lose it, please help me!

Joseph A.

I was wrongfully convicted

of sexual assault on my children. The mother and grandmother coerced my children against me with the help of CPS. This destroyed my life and my family. They were abusing my children; I filed paperwork to get 50 50 custody they aren't having that because no more 1800 a month child support.

Next thing you know my kids are saying I did terrible things. She put it all over social media I Lost my career my home my possessions my friends family most importantly my kids. There is a lot to this story it is heartbreaking so I'm going to keep it short and sweet and hope someone will listen so I can tell my story or maybe get help to expose them. They put out warrant for me I turned myself in I was fighting my case locked up for over a year but I didn't have proper representation. Needless to say my public defenders and the district attorney threatened me with life in prison if I didn't plead guilty and I have proof of my innocence and proof of what they did to me as well.

Jeramie D

My boyfriend was wrongfully accused over ten years ago of messing with his cousin. He had evidence that he was no where around her, or even in the state at the time all of this was suppose to had taken place. His lawyer didn't do his job right at all.

They had really scared him and told him that if he didn't take this plea that they was offering him that it would go to trial and he could end up doing life instead. He took the plea and i am wanting to help him and his family get there entire life back which they had lost whenever he was convicted of just a crazy crime.


(Condensed version) My wife and I have had a bad marriage. She has trust issues and doesn't think very highly of men. But, she was really in to me when we started dating. The chemistry led to the birth of our beautiful daughter at the end of December, 2011.

My daughter and I instantly became two peas in a pod and remained that way until september 20th, 2018. But before I get to the events of that day, I should provide further details. Once my daughter could talk, she and her mother clashed and I always took my daughter's side. My wife was mean to me, neurotic about every small issue, whether it was money, or ants in the apartment, but what particularly drove her nuts was that our little angel seemed to scoff at being around her mother and loved being around me...

Since our marriage, my wife hasn't trusted me. in 2015, she hired a private investigator on me after, in our community washers and dryers, I mistakenly brought a pair of women's underwear that had been left in the dryer that  I had used to dry me and my daughter's clothes. Instead of believing me when I told her what had happened, she found it more feasible to think that I had cheated on her and my "mistress" had decided not to put her underwear back on after the event. Fresh smelling and clean underwear, I might add...

That day, I kept calling my wife to find out what the diagnosis on our daughter was. Only, she didn't answer me. Knowing how my wife treats me, I began to think bad thoughts. I threatened to get the police involved if my wife didn't tell me where they were and what was wrong with our daughter. At that point, she told me via a text that she couldn't really talk to me. They were at a hospital, but she couldn't talk to me...

She claimed that I was violent. That I am a big man and dangerous, even though I have no criminal record and in fact have never committed a crime in my life. The judge granted it like it was nothing, but it was something, because it made it impossible for me to have contact with my beloved daughter at that point and if I got within 300 feet of my wife or daughter, I would be jailed...

Now, my life, basically, is in the hands of a judge who did not seem to like my lawyer very much at the ex parte hearing. If there is any help out there, beyond that of my law firm, IT WOULD BE MOST APPRECIATED! ...

Again, if there is any help out there for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I am just another guy and a lot of people have problems, but I am a victim in all of this and I just want to make sure that my daughter is okay and hug her again and I am not allowed to.

Jeffrey T.






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My fiancée has been in custody on horrible false allegations of child abuse. When I first found out I was horrified, the man I intended to spend the rest of my life with was accused of such an atrocious behavior. I didn’t know who t believe. As the days went on, I helped him gather evidence and with each piece I gathered every doubt I had dissipated. Until I saw that the allegations were just that, allegations. He has enough evidence to prove it’s a lie, expose the truth, shows conspiracy, etc. but it’s very hard to do this with him still behind bars. I’m hopeful you could be helpful in sharing and supporting  his gofundme. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to talk. Thank you so much for your time. 


My husband and I were raising our two beautiful daughters his daughter who was 13 years old and my daughter who was 6 at the time. Him and I do not have a child together but we both have stepped in as step parents to each others daughter.

We had full custody of both with the 13 yr old going to her moms every other weekend. On March 8th is when our entire world came crashing down. The 13 year old didn't get off the bus, we had a good idea where she went. We went to go pick her up and the cops were there, they made us leave. The school had sent our 13 yr old to a friends house to meet up with the local cops to tell the allegations to the officer.

We were forced to leave and we did not have any idea what was happening, 3 hours later another officer showed up at our house asked my husband to go with him to speak with him at the station, and my husband went willingly. The chief of police and a CPS worker shows up to talk to my daughter and I. My 13 yr old step daughter thought her father may try to touch her so my husband was charged with 2 very serious crimes.  

Now CPS has taken both girls the oldest is with her mother and mine is in the states custody. They have made all sorts of accusations that against me that now my husband isn't living here, and both our girls are not here. CPS has not told me much and there is no plan set into motion. My family has had severe mental and emotional distress we are all separated and have no answers. And since march the child that made allegations had confided in others it was not true....

HELP HELP HELP I want my family back.

Father of two beautiful children and married for over 17 years (together for about 20 years).

After finding out about my ex. looking outside the marriage, she ran away from home taking the children. I filed for divorce. The court papers required her to bring the children back to Houston where she had no place to stay (hence the children would be returned home).

After being served with papers, she answered with a sworn affidavit. In the affidavit, she makes allegations of abuse (toward her), possible rape (toward her), child pornography, and borders on alleging child abuse. The court's knee jerk reaction is to allow the children to stay where they are and not be forced to come back home to Houston.

A few weeks later, we have mediation, in which she absolutely refused to have regular visitation with the children. I consented to supervised visitation because at this point I had not been allowed to see nor speak with my children for over 2 months.

After mediation, she went to the police department and filed charges against me to (I assume) sure up her allegations in her affidavit. The even facilitated them with supposed pictures of injuries that she claims she sustained 5 months before.
The police investigated all her allegations for over 2 months. In the police reports, it states that they could not collaborate the time, date, or any other aspect of the supposed injuries. There was no doctors reports, no police reports, and no time or date to the pictures.

I also gave the police my version of the events. The police closed the case, NO ARRESTS were made, NO CHARGES were brought, NO PROTECTION ORDERS ever sought, the case was closed and that was about 1 year prior to our final divorce hearing.

It should also be noted that she claims to have taken computers to "her local police" department for supposed child pornography and then she claims that the computers were wiped when they found nothing on them and that I pulled the  hard drives and would use them in different computers.

The in the investigation the Houston police department called her local police department about the supposed "child pornography" and in the report states, that there are no records made by my ex in the system (this was about 2 months after she claims to have brought the computers to her local police department.

I filed for modification of the mediation order and that process was dragged out for 8 months. The other attorney used every trick to delay the modification hearing.
After finally getting to see the associate judge for modification, I was given standard visitation. Up until this point, for the last 18 months I was only "allowed" to see my children a total of 9 time for 2 hours each time (all I could afford since I was paying $50 per hour out of pocket for supervision, and also driving 4 hour one way just to see my children.

Right after I picked up my children for visitation, new allegations begun. She immediately called the amicus attorney and said that I bought my daughter a swimsuit (basically alleging that I was doing something to her or with her), the amicus attorney came to my house as a precaution.
Another time, she claimed that a 70 year old lady that was helping me with the children at that time... helped me take nude photos of my child and put them online.

Nothing ever came of these allegations (legally) but they were made and brought to the lawyers attention.

Now comes the final divorce hearing. Even though the case was closed on the supposed photographs she submitted to the police and even through they were unable to collaborate any of her allegations, they were still allowed to be submitted in court.

At the end, I was named JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR of the children (means that I have equal custody to the children with a few excepts, where they live, school, and medical). However, my possession time of the children is limited to 4 hours every second and fourth Saturday of the month (in other words 8 hours per month). I have to drive 4 hours to visit with my children and I have to pay to have my visitation supervised.

Please keep in mind, I have never once been arrested.
The court did NOT find me guilty of anything but rather based on the evidence admitted by my ex. found that there could have been family violence directed at my ex.

Again I am JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR which can only be appointed if the court finds that you are NOT A THREAT to the children.
To appoint a parent POSSESSORY CONSERVATOR, the court would have to have a solid reason to do so and there is no reasoning what so ever.

This has been a complete nightmare and is the first case that I can find where a parent who has not been arrested or charged with a crime has had their children punished in such a way as to deprive the children of their parent.

I have taken to the point of keeping all records (including conversations with my children). I have video record of my children saying things like "I heard you hit mommy, is that true). My son said that and he is the oldest but breaking down that comment we find, I HEARD means that he was told, YOU HIT MOMMY (self explanatory), IS THAT TRUE means he has never seen it himself.

In another video we have my son again saying, Can you tell me one truth, did you ever hit mama?
After being careful not to demean his mother and to change the subject, he lets out this nugget of information, "MOMMY TOLD ME THAT".

The court will not hear of this even though I tried to get a new trial. I am now attempting an appeal but I am told that this is an uphill battle.

I am now doing this solo because I can no longer afford the high price of a lawyer.
I have gained a lot of information but I am afraid that I still do not know enough to combat the system alone.

Always looking for new information. Please post anything that could help.

Jack J.

I'm the wife/supporter of the accused. My daughter's have allegations of rape and molestation. Their stepfather has been Dad, best friend and confidant for many years now. We are heartbroken over the allegations. Today we had a family plan meeting and a case worker asked that my husband take a Abel test. My husband has not been found guilty of anything. We need help. The meeting was going smoothly until the kids lawyer stepped into the meeting (late) and completely took over the talk. Interrupted me several times. We need help.

Angela M.

About a year and a half ago my now ex-wife and I got into a verbal disagreement during which she got physical.  Unfortunately I was naive - no one in my family had been through anything like this.  The thought of calling the police on my wife never crossed my mind.  I talked to family and friends about my concerns.  Some listened and some did not.  Not even a month later we had another disagreement and my wife got physical again.  This time trying to punch me in the face.  She missed and I moved away.  She followed me and hit me over the head from behind.  She then began to hit and kick me repeatedly.  Long story short - I was able to move away from her and I left with our youngest son thinking this would diffuse the situation like in previous events and we could work through it later.  I was wrong.  After returning home I was arrested at gun point by 6 officers and spent the next 2 days in one of the worst prisons in the country.

Upon my release I immediately filed for divorce.  However, my ex-wife had already made false statements about how I beat her, the kids and the dog!  Because of this and the restraining order she put in place I was not able to return home or see my sons.  After getting a child advocate attorney involved I was able to finally see my sons - under supervision - for 1 hour at a time - after 3 months!  It was horrible.  It cost me a small fortune; I was not able to return to or be involved in my church as I had been and folks that did not know better believe the horrible lies.  Its been a year and a half and I now have 50/50 custody, I am involved in my church again and my name has been cleared in court.  I was never questioned by police, an opposing attorney or a judge.  I nearly lost everything. 

I'm in the process of getting my life back together now but I am living at my parents until my debts are paid; still trying to clear my name in certain circles and most importantly I am still trying to repair my relationship(s) with my sons. 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers


2 out of my 3 step-daughters claimed to their father that I inappropriately touched them after my wife found evidence that the two were vaping, and the youngest was sending half-naked pictures to males through Snapchat.  She was disciplined and we took the evidence to their father.  While we were there, the two told him that they knew they weren't supposed to have Social Media and that it wasn't them, and he believed them.

The next week, I have police and their father outside my door while I was at work and was told over the phone that I was accused of inappropriately touching the oldest and youngest girls.  The middle child told us what was happening and what happened over the weekend at a party between the oldest and youngest before they went to talk to their dad.  She also told us that the youngest girl had been bullying my son when my wife and I weren't around and told him that if he told us, she would kick his ass.  We asked him and he told us what had happened.  I took a polygraph test focused on the allegations from the two girls, with a "no deception" rating and handed that over the the detective and CPS.  The police have not contacted me since their "book and release" last year, but CPS "confirmed" that I inappropriately touched the two girls based solely on their interview.  The CPS investigator even admitted in court that she did not look at all of the documents we gave her.  Now we were told to agree that there was "no findings" and that I would have to take the Psychosexual Evaluation, see a therapist to get "educated" on sexual abuse (not have to admit any wrong doing), and now go to parenting classes.  The CPS investigator also said that all the things that were done to my son were only "child's play."

During all of this, my wife gave full legal and physical custody of the girls to their father because the two girls have always wanted to live only with their father.  As soon as they got the TRO on me, their father filed for child support and asked the judge to have my wife pay $500/mo for the 3 girls.


Starting this year 2018 on New Year's eve police were called to my home in response to a call made by a neighbor about a suicide jump from a bedroom window.  This was due to my wife who was crawling out the window because of being mentally unstable while under the influence of alcohol. The police arrived and knocked on the door in which my wife went outside to talk to them.  She gave them information based on an argument we had that morning. 

I was questioned about this situation and gave my details as I know to be a fact.  I was drinking that night but not drunk.  I did not have slurred speech and was very coherent.  My wife told them enough for them to arrest me under spousal abuse and battery. 

They are claiming I strangled my wife to injure her in the throat and neck.  The police did not look further in the home for evidence but only asked if I had any weapons which they took my locked up handgun. 

The incident that happened on that morning was as follows, I was just waking up and she was making coffee.  She talked to me about the father of her kids and something that made me snarl at her with disapproval.  It got heated in the words and I called her a stupid B.  She walked over to me and poured hot coffee on my head.  It hurt to lean forward due to major back pain I had been treated for recently but came to my feet with anger and pushed her back against the door.  After holding her there for a few seconds I realized she was not going to attack me any further.   She said "I'm not afraid of you."  I let her go and walked out of the room. Went outside and called my dad to what had happened.

The incident caused me to go to jail and stayed there for 5 days, away from my 4 month yr old 1st daughter.  I was then called in for an arraignment which the judge decided a restraining order against me from my wife and children (also 3 step-children).  I was not allowed to speak to my wife and not to see the kids. 

I looked and looked for a reputable attorney and found one that doesn't shut his mouth.... that should have been the RED FLAG!  He didn't promised me he would win, because they are not allowed to do that.  Instead his took advantage of my emotional distress and Coerced me into a wrongful plea.  I received a misdemeanor DV and was never discussed the evidence by my attorney. 

The attorney never went over the DA's evidence nor shared a police report with me.  He told me things would be alright with my job and I would be able to get back into my home.  What a crap that was.  I am innocent I told him.  "It doesn't matter, it's the way it looks" he says.  My attorney is fraud and he is a crook working with the North county San Diego Courts as I find he doesn't win cases.  He just settles or makes deals.

Fathers out there, just stay vigilant and stand your ground if you are innocent.  I'm finding out now this would have been an easy trial to win.  Who knew with a crooked attorney. - Paul F.

In 1987 I was falsely accused and convicted of molesting my 4yr old daughter. Spent 22yr's in prison and am now on parole for the rest of my life. As a part of my so-called counseling I am being forced to undergo a Able,s test shortly. Which of course, I am very apprehensive about.

The biggest problem I've encountered is extreme bias against this type of allegation. No one believes you when you claim innocence. My trial was a joke. Three bias jurors sat on my panel, placed by both the court and my attorney. All of my appeals were denied. The Supreme Court refused to even hear my appeal, basically laughed at me.

Naturally, there's a lot more to my story. Which I will not share currently because I feel it will not do any good and is a waste of my time because no one has listened to me thus far and is willing to offer any help. However, if any one wants to hear my full story and can offer any help. I can be contacted at - Randall C.

My husband and I raised his daughter from 3 on. Her mother was in her life but only when it was convenient for her. She used and manipulated her daughter from 3 on. I have 3 of my own kids that my husband and I raised, two girls and a boy.

When his daughter turned 18 she moved out to be with her mom. 3 months later she accused my husband of rape. My husband never laid a hand on her and we were shocked and hurt. My husband was arrested with no proof and I was able to bail him out. 2 years later we finally had our day in court and his daughter was caught in lie after lie and the jury still found him guilty.

My husband now sits in jail waiting his sentencing while she is free to lie and slander his name. There was no evidence and everything she claimed we were able to proof her wrong. The jury made a decision based on a conversation that was taken out of context and recorded with out my husbands permission. The conversation never once did he admit to anything he actually denied any accusations she made.

My kids are heartbroken at losing their dad and I just want my husband home. We have tried and tried to fight this and because of the accusations and the media we are consider guilty with no proof. For 15 years my husband's ex wife has tried to ruin us and she finally got her way. She destroyed a whole family and my husband's daughter has no idea the damage she is doing to everyone. - E.Thompson

I have been married for 11 years with 3 children. We are in the process of divorcing via a mediator.

After the wife  decided we are going to split, she informed me that she had "seen red flags" with one of our daughters, and asked her some questions. I was then accused of a criminal act. nothing happened until I showed her what the estimated support and alimony would be. She then spoke to her therapist and was told to call CPS. This was done, an investigation ensued. None of the children said I did anything.

The case is coming back unfounded. The wife wants be to agree to supervised visitation with the girls, for a period of 10 years. I refused. Now she apparently has a video of my daughter saying that I did something, recorded within the last week. I already retained a criminal attorney. But I don't know what to do about visitation.

I assume that even though the police and State will take no action, would a judge simply listen to whatever video my wife has, and then be subjected to supervised visitation anyway? Or even worse? I have gone through my savings and cannot afford another attorney. Is there anyone out there who could give me some advice, if any?

I did 5 and a half years jail for a crime I didn't, and would never, commit. My new wife and I have just had our newborn baby girl with serious physical medical issues taken away by the authorities in Australia and I don't know how I can survive this. I can freely tell the story of my criminal convictions because I know I am innocent and will go to my grave with a clear conscience. ... A Broken Man

I have been married for 5 years. My wife recently filed for divorce but i have found out a number of things recently about her. She was married 2 times before me, I only knew about one.

Last December I helped her get her green card and since she got the green card she started acted very strangely. I tried to save the marriage but realized after a month or two there was nothing i could and I think she only wanted to get married to get her green card which I also paid for.  I have one child with her and also a step child that I have treated like my own and even calls me DAD.  I have always took very good of my family, work 50+ hours a week and never did anything wrong to her or them.  Now she is making up lies about me and trying to destroy my life. She gave a false injunction to get a restraining order, making up that I beat her and threatened her even though no police were ever called and no marks are on her. She also signed a new lease behind my back to get me out my condo.  

Please advise I need help and in a really bad situation.   I am only able to see my child once a week for one hour under supervised watch.     This is my first marriage and i have a clean criminal record. If you can give me any kind of advise or help it would be greatly appreciated.  Jiri Jira- 239-200-6717

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