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"Innocent Dads - Falsely accused Fathers and their Legal Issues!" - - Guilty Until Proven Innocent!

Purpose: To inform Dads who have been falsely accused by their ex-spouses, of what options they have, what works, what does not work, and the difficult struggle they are about to partake.

I and many other Dads have gone through this terrible struggle and we do not want ANY person to walk in our paths. This site will take you through my journey and many others just like myself. Yes, there are other sites that also will help you. They are located in the "Sources" area.

For those Dads who have been Falsely Accused and are about to take the Abel Assessment, be very careful and read this page!

What is Parental Alienation?

Mens E-News

False Allegations

Fathers' Rights Movement

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization - PAAO

Dr. Phil - Parental Alienation
Plight of Rejected Parents
Purple Heart's Final Beat
Behind the Fence
Phantom Holiday

National Congress for Fathers & Children of New Hampshire - Give Me Back My Daddy! -

SUPPORT? explores the fundamental flaws in America’s Family Courts regarding the Divorce and Child Support System. The film explores the problems through over 38 interviews with both custodial and non-custodial parents and the attorneys, judges and county employees on both sides of the paradigm.

American Coalition for Fathers and Children  -

The Marshall Project



Submit Your Story!
YOUR STORY - Send us your own story to and we will archive them. Please be considerate of others, do not disparage the parent of your child by naming others and naturally ... no profanity.

Foundations to the Future

Join the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Family Assistance (OFA) and the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) at the 2024 National Fatherhood Summit on August 13-15, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia. The 2024 National Fatherhood Summit, From Foundations to the Future, brings together key stakeholders from across the nation who are committed to strengthening programs and policies to support fathers.

The National Fatherhood Summit is open to the public, and registration is free. Please join us on August 13-15, 2024, for these important conversations. We look forward to seeing you there!


Fathers' Rights MovementThe Fathers’ Rights Movement is a movement whose members, both men & women, are primarily interested in issues related to family law and child custody -



FACE - Families Advocating for Campus EqualityMen across the country are fighting the quiet, unbearable war of the falsely accused - John’s freshman year at James Madison University started out great. He did well in his classes. He made friends easily. He even started dating a fellow student. But just a couple weeks into his first semester, John’s world came crashing down. The girl he had been dating accused him of sexual assault and took her charge to the campus authorities... (Read article)

FACE - Families Advocating for Campus Equality -  to advocate for equal treatment and due process for those affected by sexual misconduct allegations on campus and to support those students and their families through outreach and education.

“The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities” - Share the harrowing story of a student called Len. Len was accused of rape by a fellow university student.... (Amazon)  

25 Years of Parental Alienation

25 Years of Parental Alienation - Video Story

"At 25 years old I started to discover that I was a child of parental alienation. I realized this ON MY WEDDING DAY. I hated half of myself as a result of the abuse and brainwashing I had received.This is a story of starting to put the pieces together. Please share your comments. Am I alone or has this happened to others? Hi, I’m Ryan Thomas. I am a child of parental alienation... Alienation Strategies - Dr. Sue Cornbluth

Research has shown that that there is a consensus regarding how one parent may alienate a child from another parent. In her book, Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Breaking the Ties that Bind, Dr. Amy J. L. Baker provides research using 40 adults who experienced PAS as children. The subjects of the study reported five primary strategies used to manipulate their thoughts and feelings as children:

  • Relentless bad-mouthing ...
  • Creating the impression that the target parent was dangerous ...
  • Deceiving children ...
  • Withdrawing love ...
  • Erasing the other parent .. (Full article!)

Father's Rights Movement



When parents get divorced, the impact of this family break-up is emotionally painful and is often confusing for children to process. The prior sense of being with their loving parents, who have also been a loving couple, choosing to part, is perplexing and deeply shocking for children. In addition, when youngsters observe contempt, harsh words, fights and evident loss of love and respect between their parents preceding the divorce, their notions about the “perfect, forever after love” and their safety within the family is shattered. The new configuration of the split family, in which the children get to be with each parent alone at designated times, is bewildering and requires a major adjustment for the youngsters. How can parents reduce the confusion and help the children’s transition to a state of “two loving parents who are no longer in love with each other”? ... (Full article)

Ruined by child support: ‘My one night stand is still costing me’ - Currently, Australian law states that a biological father must pay child support until a child turns 18. There are heated calls for reform, with critics asking: If you have a one-night stand or a few Tinder dates, are you actually consenting to fatherhood?

Effects of Parental Alienation - WHAT IS PARENTAL ALIENATION?

There are many great articles and books written by some fantastic minds about Parental Alienation. I recently published a blog post that explained in great detail what parental alienation is. You can read the full post here; WHAT IS PARENTAL ALIENATION.

For those of you that do not know what parental alienation is, it is basically the intentional or unintentional act of turning a child against his or her other parent. This can be carried out in a physical nature such as refusing contact with the other parent by simply refusing phone contact or even interfering with custody visitation. Often times an alienator will also seek to emotionally exclude the other parent through manipulation, brainwashing, and other malicious tactics, designed to align the child with the alienator as the primary source of the child’s emotional well being. While this isn’t always the case, research statistics have found that this act of abuse is almost always directed toward a non- custodial parent, by the custodial parent. The sobering and sad results of such acts often causes long term, damaging effects for all that are involved.

Stop the War on Fathers – another alienated father abused with family court injustice! No one can steal a love a father has for his children.

Canada Fathers Day – another hurtle – abused and alienated fathers don’t cry!

Christmas with Dad

Divorce Advice from a 6-Year Old Goes Viral - If you are on Facebook, chance are you have seen the YouTube video of the 6-year old giving divorce advice to her Mom.

Can the Abel Assessment tell if you're a potential child-molester? - 'The Sex-Offender Test' - July 9, 2015
The Marshall Project

Falsely Accused Fathers - There's a viral wave of bright orange and yellow profile pictures sweeping across Facebook right now.  Women post the orange version to indicate that they have personally been victims of sexual abuse. Those who post the yellow signal, know someone who has been a victim.

We at purpose this balanced image, for those Fathers who have been falsely accused or abused by our family court system!

Remember, Father's Day is coming soon! Make it significant to all families!


The Marshall Project - Maurice Chammah, Writer
    'Who Told the Truth?
    'The Abel Assessment'
The Marshall Project

Why Temporary Custody Orders Are a Big Deal
By Don Hubin - NPO of Ohio

An Ohio National Parents Organization member recently wrote to me to let me know what responses he’d received from the Ohio legislators he’d written to. He was writing to advocate for a presumption of true shared parenting during temporary orders. “True shared parenting” means joint legal decision-making authority ...

Here (from my 1999 paper) is why temporary orders are a big deal...(Full article)

See Father SmileFather's Day for Divorced Dads - How Divorced Dads Can Survive Father's Day
Whatever the reason for a divorce, Father's Day for a divorced dad elicits all kinds of feelings and reactions. But these feelings are aven tougher for a divorced dad who is a non-custodial dad or one who shares custody with his kids' mom. Not living with the kids full-time is hard enough, but having to deal with all the issues around Father's Day just adds insult ro injury. ... (Full Article)

If You Won't See Your Kids ...
Prepare mentally. ...
Write a Father's Day letter to your children. ...

National Parents Organization improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting every child's right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.
Parental Alienation in DSM-5 ...
Partner Abuse State of Knowledge ...


Guilty Until Proven Innocent is the beginning of a necessary national dialogue. - In his most provocative documentary to date filmmaker Janks Morton turns his lens to the crisis in America's family courts. Utilizing the stories of five men Morton reveals the untold story of how family court processes yield millions of fatherless children - - Wrongly convicted Pittsburgh Dad
"Divorce & Child Custody Tactics for Women” — Do you want to maximize your husband's pain and suffering during your divorce? Here's how. - by Jake Morphonios - Author of Why Men Earn More, Father and Child Reunion, Why Men Are the Way they Are and The Myth of Male Power. Expert witness and speaker for shared custody!
"I Used To Be A Stepfather" - Tony Zizza is currently working on a collection of essays surrounding the issues stepfathers and stepmothers face in stepfamilies.
"Fathers' Rights Book May Be Banned by Mass Court" - Fathers Rights Activist, Kevin Thompson. Kevin Thompson's book is available here - Court Statement by Kevin Thompson!
Journal of Parental Alienation - Newsletter
"The Fathers’ War" - They serve their country and lose their children, By Stephen Baskerville
"Parental Alienation Syndrome: How to Detect It and What to Do About It" - by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
"12 Traits Of A Great Father", By Julian Marcus
"A Father's Blessing"
"It’s Father’s Day and All I Want is to See My Children!"
Protecting the Rights of Military Fathers - Glenn Sacks
Typical X Wife Story, Buford, Georgia - MUST READ!
Michael "Woody" O'Brien's Story - about Kidnapper Grandparents
"Winning the Cultural War" C. Heston
"When Ex-Wives Become Alienators"
"It's Never too late to Appreciate Fathers in America" - Jim Untershine
"Yes, Fathers are Essential" - Carey Roberts
June 2004 Father's Day Schedule - Events, etc.
"The Father's Rights Survival Guide" - Gregory Romeo
ACFC Mission Statement (American Coalition for Families & Children)
"If I Could" - Ray Charles - Dedicated to Father's Day 2004
"Father's Day Poem"
Father's Day Stats -
We must all hang together,
 or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.

– Benjamin Franklin, 1776
  • Stopping False Allegations with Technology
  • Don't Make Her Mad; Just Expose Her Abuse
  • Surveillance should be used to exonerate the accused.
  • 1. Don't Talk.
    2. Don't try to engage your X.
    3. Don't feel it's the end.
    4. Don't think your attorney will solve everything.
    5. Don''t think the judge will solve everything.
    6. Don't hide your head in the sand.
    7. Be careful to have the right divorce clauses in your agreement.
    8. Don't place the children in the middle.
    9. Don't lay blame.
    Suggested Readings
    (New Area)
    Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, P.Cook - Buy!
    Battle and the Backlash: The Child Sexual Abuse War, The , D.Hechler - Buy!
    Child Witness: Legal Issues and Dilemmas, N.W.Perry & L.Wrightsman - Buy!

    Don't Blame Me Daddy : False Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse, D.Tong - Buy!
    Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused , D.Tong - Buy!
    Fathers Have Rights Too, R.Lockhart - Buy!
    From Courtship to Courtroom - Buy!
    Father's Emergency Guide - Buy!

    Fathres and Families - American Coalition for Fathers & Children! - Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights!

    What do you call a Mother after her divorce? ... Mommy!
    What do you call a Father after his divorce? ... Visitor!
    3/2005 - "Two Years into Iraq War, Little Has Been Done to Protect the Rights of Military Fathers" - His Side with Glenn Sacks - Laws granting deployed soldiers special protections against civil legal actions date back to the Civil War. However, few of these protections extend to family courts and family law. As a result, military men's service to their country often creates the conditions under which they can become victims of terrible injustices. Two years into the Gulf War and three and half years into the war on terror, both federal and state governments have failed to address the family law issues which military men and fathers face.

    When Gary, a US Navy SEAL, deployed to Afghanistan in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, he never dreamed that his service to his country would cost him his little son. Gary's son was not taken from him by a terrorist or a kidnapper. This 18-year Navy veteran with an unblemished military and civilian record was effectively stripped of his right to be a father by a California court. ...

    Dr. Rick Lohstroh - Murdered by 10 Yr. old son & Alienating Mother - This website is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Rick Lohstroh, the fatal victim of what is perhaps the most horrific and extreme example of Parental Alienation Syndome. ... In August 2004 Dr. Lohstroh was killed after being shot in the back four times by his own ten year-old son, with a handgun owned by his mother.

    F4J - Batman Breaches Buckingham Palace Security
    F4J - Robin Arrested
    New! Batman on Buckingham Palace - Fathers 4 Justice

    3/2005 - Angry Harry! - Men's Movement & Men's Rights - Fathers4Justice

    The Family Law ‘Dead Zone’ - Taxpayers are riding a dead horse in California. Riding on the shoulders of Child Support Enforcement – ‘Supremacy Feminists’, ‘Responsible Fatherhood’ advocates, ‘Healthy Marriage” advocates, misguided journalist, and private corporations have chosen to pursue a father bashing agenda. ...
    Michael Capanzzi Blog - Father's rights, men's rights, legal & judicial misconduct, family betrayal true and on-going story told by the victim.
    Anthony Comparetto -
    Rules of Surviving Divorce - How To Not Get Screwed in a Dirty Divorce
    1. Don't Talk.
    2. Don't try to engage your X.
    3. Don't feel it's the end.
    4. Don't think your attorney will solve everything.
    5. Don''t think the judge will solve everything.
    6. Don't hide your head in the sand.
    7. Be careful to have the right divorce clauses in your agreement.
    8. Don't place the children in the middle.
    9. Don't lay blame.
    6/2004 - "Allred vs. Tong--Is Parental Alienation Syndrome a Fathers' Rights Hoax?" - His Side with Glenn Sacks - The high-profile Bridget Marks custody case in New York has put the gut-wrenching issue of sexual abuse allegations in custody battles in the headlines, and Marks has become a cause celebre for many feminists. In that case the court determined that Marks had coached her four year-old twin girls to claim that they had been sexually molested by their father, and judge Arlene Goldberg switched custody from the mother to the father. False allegations of sexual abuse are an important part of a pathology dubbed "Parental Alienation Syndrome," wherein one parent tries to turn his or her children against the other parent...
    Feminists assert that Parental Alienation Syndrome is a father's rights hoax--"junk science"--which unscrupulous fathers use to wrest custody from decent, loving mothers. The father's rights movement sees PAS is a damaging epidemic--one which family courts usually turn a blind eye to.

    4/2004 - FREE William Hetherington - MUST READ! - Will is in a Michigan prison on a Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) conviction. His wife claimed that he had raped her. The case was a matter of "he said/she said". Wil has been in prison, now, for more than 18 years. During all of that time he has consistently maintained his innocence.
    National Coalition Of Free Men

    Innocent Dads - Falsely accused Fathers and their Legal Issues!IRST bit of advice: Get a "quality lawyer." This is THE most important step. Your lawyer should fight for your rights, fight for your visitation rights during this process, and inform you honestly what to expect. This site is not meant to be a substitute for a quality lawyer, nor is it meant to give you any sort of legal advice. Where to go for research, what questions to ask, what not to do ... YES!

    Innocent Dads - Falsely accused Fathers and their Legal Issues!ECOND bit of advice: Take careful notes. The more accurate your dates and events are, the more difficult it will be for the other attorney to trick you on the stand. Also be aware that these notes might be seen in court as evidence, so be careful what you write down.

    "The truth teller has nothing to do except remember the truth ... The liar has to remember all of their lies!"

    Innocent Dads - Falsely accused Fathers and their Legal Issues!HIRD bit of advice: Go to the LINKS AREA of this site, select each and every link and READ ... READ ... READ!!! All of us Dads need to learn as much as possible about the process, the laws, the expectations and most of all, to realize that there are many other Dads that have gone through this ordeal. Some have won, some have lost!

    Innocent Dads - Falsely accused Fathers and their Legal Issues!ORTH bit of advice: If you are about to take the Abel Assessment test, make sure you read this complete explanation of "What the Abel Assessment REALLY Tests"!

    What are the 2 most important words for "Innocent Dads?" ...

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