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6/2004 - "Parents Who Have Successfully Fought Parental Alienation Syndrome" - Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. - Nothing stirs up passions more than the controversy generated when parents are at war over the custody of a child. A controversy is an issue where evidence on both sides can make a compelling case. It is never black and white, but when people have their emotions aroused, an issue can quickly turn into two polar opposites...
6/2004 - "The Failure of Family Law ...", By Kenneth C. Wiggins- Thirty years ago, our government's thinking wasn't all that bad. While eighty percent of fathers paid their reasonable share of child support expenses, there were twenty percent who did not. Faced with rising welfare costs, the government's idea was to recover some of the costs of welfare through an enforcement of child support payments, specifically aimed at the twenty percent of those "bad dads" who didn't pay anything.
6/2004 - "Intentional Infliction of Distress in Marital Context" - George L. Blum, J.D. - SUMMARY: Recovery of emotional distress damages is permitted by many jurisdictions in cases of intentional torts. Damages for purely psychological injuries are recoverable if a defendant's conduct is gross and wanton, malicious, willful or wanton, indifferent, or reckless and was directed toward the plaintiff...
6/2004 - Tug-of-Love Ends in Agony - The ex-Playboy model who lost custody of her twin girls for coaching them to say their father was a molester bid a heart-wrenching — and very public — goodbye yesterday, handing off the 4-year-olds to a man they call "Daddy" but hardly know. AOL Video
5/2004 - His Side with Glenn Sacks - is a nationally-syndicated men’s and fathers’ issues radio talk show hosted by columnist and commentator Glenn Sacks on Sunday evenings.
"Why Girls Need Fathers"
5/2004 - MenStuff - We offer thousands of men's resources and hyperlinks, hundreds of men's issues, events, periodicals and groups and thousands of on-site men's book reviews and covers.
False Charges - False Accusations - Fathers' / Mens' Rights
5/2004 - "Fathers 4 Justice (F4J)" - is a new UK civil rights movement campaigning for a child's right to see both parents and grandparents. The group comprises Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, Teachers, Doctors, Company Directors, Policemen, Barristers – a complete cross section of society – all whom believe that Britain is needlessly creating a nation of children without parents and parents without children.
8/2002 - "Father's Face Gender Bias in Family Courts'" - Fathers are more likely than Mothers to suffer gender bias in family courts. Once custody is lost, divorced Dads are often at the mercy of both Mothers and family courts, say observers.
3/2004 - "Living with 'guilty until proven innocent'" - Boyd Pickens' 32-year teaching career fell apart in five seconds. After a skirmish with rowdy students, an accusation by a girl with marks on her arms, questioning by police at school, banishment from co-workers, the filing of criminal charges and the placement of Pickens' name on a child abuse registry, the not-guilty verdict returned by a Jefferson County jury in November was cold comfort.
3/2004 - "New Book Examines Teachers and Accusations of Abuse" - "Crimes against children are unspeakable," notes Colorado Education Association Attorney Greg Lawler, who has been fighting for teachers' rights for 15 years. He adds, "the natural instinct of our society is to protect our children at all cost. In the process, collateral damage has been done to teachers wrongly accused of abuse."
2/2002 - "'Teacher On Sex Counts' " - An example of the immediate presumption of guilt following the accusation of child sex abuse, no matter how respected the accused nor how old the charges.
(Added 3/2004)
8/1999 - "Multiple Accusations Prove Guilt—The Miami Method" - The impact obtained by the popular hysterical fear of paedophilia on an American state justice system which adopted multiple accusations as proof of guilt. Grant Snowdon was a Miami police officer who was accused by another policeman ,a personal enemy, of child abuse. Official investigation revealed only a claim by an eleven year old girl who thought she remembered something that happened when she was four years old. And this proved insufficient to persuade a jury who found the defendant "Not Guilty".
(Added 3/2004)
8/1999 - "Beware the Child Protectors" - It is vitally important that we educate families and parents about the dangers of home visitation programs, and the totalitarian nature of the vision behind those programs... Mrs. Adolf’s problems began when her eight-year-old daughter was "intimidated" into making allegations of sexual abuse. When Salt Lake City police and caseworkers from the state Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) surrounded the home of Janet Adolf on June 4th, they were not responding to an accusation of child abuse or neglect. The armed raid had been staged to seize Mrs. Adolf’s eight-year-old daughter, who wasn’t at home — although her three terrified siblings were. According to Mrs. Adolf’s attorney Michael Humiston, the order had been issued because he had advised caseworkers of his intention to monitor their visits to Mrs. Adolf’s home in order "to protect Janet’s rights."
2/2004 - "Injustice by Default" - How the effort to catch "deadbeat dads" ruins innocent men’s lives. Tony Pierce remembers vividly the exact moment in November 2000 when the state of California began trampling on his life.
10/2003 - "Seeking to Clear His Name - Accused of Child Abuse, Dad Takes Controversial Test for Primetime" - Hoping to clear his name of child sexual abuse allegations, Bruce McLaughlin volunteered to undergo a battery of psychosexual tests. (
Oct. 16 — Bruce McLaughlin was once known as a successful attorney, loving husband and dedicated father of four adoring children. ...
1/2003 - "McLaughlin Presses Criminal Law Reform" - Bruce McLaughlin, the former Leesburg attorney convicted of molesting his children and then a free man acquitted of all charges, is now lobbying the General Assembly to reform the state’s laws on criminal evidence. ...
12/2002 - "Power of Suggestion an Issue in Child Abuse Case", Bruce McLaughlin, - After spending four years in prison for allegedly sexually abusing his children, a Leesburg, Va., attorney was acquitted of the charges this month in what may be Virginia's first case in which the susceptibility of children to suggestion played a major role. ...
1/2001 - "Attorney Bruce McLaughlin was convicted of molesting his own kids, but a new report could bring a reversal of fortune." - "My main goal is not to see me exonerated," he says. "I would love to see that happen, but that's a sideline. My main goal is to seek justice for my children." ...
01/2001 - "Fallen Father" - - BLAME GAME - A SECOND CHANCE - CHILD'S EYE VIEW

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