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This site is dedicated to all of the Fathers who have gone through, or are going through, or will be going through a nasty custody battle where you are falsely accused of many various charges. I can not fully explain my situation, due to the fact that my case is still pending, but when it is final, you can bet that the full story will be here ASAP!

I can not stress enough the 2 most important items: Get a quality attorney and Be Prepared!

A few other suggestions are:

Don't just look up in the phone book for a quality attorney, get referrals!
Always be the better person, but do NOT be naive.
Expect the worse! ... Rather, plan for the worse!
Behave in a manner for which you will be proud of in 20 years. Your child WILL someday ask you about this ordeal!
Keep all paperwork!
Keep records ... or some sort of journal.

Stay tuned to this site for further updates! In the meantime, read all of the inner pages ... Legal Items, Sources, Mens' Rights, Truth Quotes and the Abel Assessment.




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