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"The Failure of Family Law - a Drainpool For Taxpayers", By Kenneth C. Wiggins

Thirty years ago, our government's thinking wasn't all that bad. While eighty percent of fathers paid their reasonable share of child support expenses, there were twenty percent who did not. Faced with rising welfare costs, the government's idea was to recover some of the costs of welfare through an enforcement of child support payments, specifically aimed at the twenty percent of those "bad dads" who didn't pay anything.

Today we have the results of those initial efforts.

While the idea was well intended, most states did not impliment that idea with the interests of children in mind. What was on their minds was the Federal and State incentive funding being offered. While the statutes that developed to handle this operation were intended to give government agencies the tools to "make it work", nearly all of those agencies have taken those tools to their utmost limits and well beyond.

Today, we now know that eighty percent of fathers are still the ones who pay child support, the same as it was thirty years ago. Today we know that of the remaining twenty percent, two-thirds simply cannot afford to pay anything. Today we know that only seven percent of the fathers truely qualify for the term "bad dad." After thirty years, we have gained absolutely nothing.

It is what we have lost that is the "shame of America."

First to fall was our Constitution. Virtually all of the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been set aside under the "color of law" in the name of "our children's best interests." Articles 1, 5,6,7,8, 13 and 14 have been summarily suspended. Those rights have been abrogated by government authorities who now decide that the needs of children supercede all other responsibilities to our constitution.

Fraud, in any other court, would carry serious liabilities, even criminal penalties ... except in our Family Courts. Paternity Fraud has become among the most serious of these problems. Laboratories which do DNA testing, document that between 25-30% of theses test are not a paternal match, even among married couples. Most courts studiously avoid admitting such evidence, and then consistantly ignore it anyway. Women simply lie about the paternity of a child, and the courts start collecting money for them. Even when "caught" in that lie, there is no penalty for a woman, and, most often, the men are forced to continue to pay.

"But they can't just do that!?!" But they just do.

In Child Support, "imputation" of wages is a government tool to gain leverage to extract the highest dollar amount from those payers, mostly men. No evidence, no jury, not even a lawyer. That they immediately just start collecting is, in itself, a tool, designed to make it even more difficult to get legal representation. Even the courts themselves are designed for the maximum profitability. Lawyers are barred by court rules from addressing these Rights except by appeal to much higher courts. The entire system is "decided" by the lesser of financial evils. Which is cheaper, to pay the court demands, or pay their "buddy" lawyer system.

Caseworkers simply "decide" matters of custody, parenting and child support. Judges simply ignore evidence, court procedure, statute of law and the Constitution. Everything becomes "an issue" for a higher court ... with a higher price tag. The "immunities" of public servants protect them from any repercussions, and so, even if you "win" in a higher court, you just can't win much, and especially for damages they may have caused.

The rewards for running such an "extortion mill" are written in those Federal and State incentive fundings. Caseworkers and agency heads get "bonuses" and judges get "judicial awards", based on their "performance."

Nor does it doesn't stop there. More Federal and State funds poured in for Child Protection Services. "Default custody" is given to women, and they tend to work less and have less income. Those caseworkers have access to court records, they have a ready-made call-list for new clients - low-income, single, divorced women. CPS has taken on a life of its own, and have become a multi-billion dollar "legal" scam, fleecing the taxpayer, bankrupting and destroying thousands of families.

The real costs, and the real failure of this system is yet to be determined. It is in our children's futures. We are teaching our boys to be mistrustful of women and to be afraid of our society, especially of our government. We are teaching our girls to lie, and to use the system to abuse men for their own profit. We are creating a society of "fatherless children."

Fatherless children are:

32 times more likely to run away.
14 times more likely to commit rape.
5 times more likely to commit suicide.
20 times more like to end up in prison.
9 times more likely to drop out of high school.
10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances.
20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders.
9 times more likely to end up in a state-operated institution.
Eighty-five percent of the people in jails and prisons in this country came from fatherless homes. We have one of the highest incarcerations rates (1 per 155 people) in the world. While local law enforcement officials cry for more to prisons to hold these already bulging criminal populations, our Family Courts are busily creating the future inmates of tomorrow.

Our Children are their future felons. Of course, then they'll need to build more jails.

Kenneth C. Wiggins
EDUCATION: Delta College, University Center, MI 1964-1965; Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI 1965-1967; Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI 1968-1969; Delta College, University Center, MI 1983-1985; and Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, MI 2000-2003.

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